A renowned management system specialist whose success is derived from his ability to work with people at all levels to create ‘ownership’ of the system, risks and improvement opportunities.


Rather than write our own words here’s what some clients have said:

“The group of students highly praised David and his professional delivery and his ability to identify our specific needs rather than simply stick to the script. He showed patience and steered the group back on track when students sometimes went off in a different direction.”

“David inspired us in our vision and understanding of our purpose and objectives. 
He provided a foundation and support in our mission to develop an integrated approach to management systems within government health in WA.”

“I feel very positive about David’s contribution he does not come across with a “know it all” attitude. We will certainly be using iHSEQ again in our future training."

“I cannot give enough praise of David. Extremely friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Would love to have David for every training course I undertake in the future. Excellent and friendly service.”