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Managing Psychosocial Hazards. Our 5-step plan

Our program is meets the requirements of ISO45003:2021 and the WorkSafe Code of Practice - Psychosocial Hazards in the Workplace



Gap Analysis

The Gap Anaysis is designed to assess you current policies and practices against the requirements of the ISO standard and Code of Practice. It provides a comprehensive report which can serves as a roadmap for whet you need to do in your systems to meet the requirements.


Risk Workshop

We will facilitate a Risk Workshop which provides you with a comprehensive interactive risk register and we will work with you to identify psychosocial risks & populate the risk register. This process will identify any high risk areas and includes provision to record and track actions required to mitigate risks.

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Action Plan.jpg


Status report & action plan

As mentioned in step 1 our GapMap report will provide you with a comprehesive outline of the requirements of the standard and CoP, and the extent you current practices and policies meet those requirements. Importantly it will also give you a clear indication of what you need to do to improve your Psychosocial Risk Management systsems.


Systematic Solutions

We will select and recommend a range of solutions and assist you in implementation to create psychosocial safety in your organisation.




After you have implemented our recommendations we will conduct a comprehensive internal assessment so you can feel confident that you are meeting your legal requirements to provide a psychologically safe environment for your staff.

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