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This Tier includes a Management Systems Manual (MSM) addressing the specifics of the ISO standard and how your org addresses the requirements.

The Management System Manual (MSM) is the first- tier document in the MS.


It interprets the principles of the following standards as applicable to your organisation:
•    ISO9001-2015 - Quality Management Systems
•    ISO14001-2015 - Environmental Management Systems 
•    ISO45001-2018 - H&S Management Systems


This manual outlines the MS, your company's Policies (HS, Q & E) and makes reference to applicable system procedures. (SPs)


System Procedures (SP's)

System Procedures are second tier documents that describe specific processes in the IMS that relate directly to the requirements of the management system standards. In particular the procedures identify how quality, safety & environmental outcomes will be assured by planning the execution of processes and activities before they are commenced.
The SPs also define applicable controls and provide for adequate records.
There is a suite of 24 SPs but these can be added to or deleted if required. 

Tier 2
Tier 1


Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs)

SOPs are third tier documents that provide detail guidance or instruction for specific operational tasks. Such as Welding, Working at Height, Mechanical & Electrical Isolations etc.
There is a suite of 35 generic SOPs that will need to be tailored to your specific needs.
You will need to add your own SOPS to descript your organisations operational controls. However, the template will give you a good idea of what you need to do.


Tier 3


Standard Forms and Templates

The IMS has provided numerous forms that drive the implementation of the IMS and are used to record results & objective evidence of specific actions. Forms are identified in SPs & SOPs as applicable.

The existence of completed forms (i.e. ‘records’) supports employee awareness of what is required to achieve OCT’s objectives and enables the evaluation of the system and its performance.

Most organisation will already have many standard form which will be added to this package However, the template will give you a good idea of what you need to do.

Tier 4
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