This Tier includes a Quality Management Systems (QMS) Manual addressing the specifics of ISO9001-2015 and an Integrated Management System (IMS) Manual

The Integrated Management System (IMS) Manual is the first- tier document in the IMS.


It interprets the principles of the following standards as applicable to OCT Ltd.:
•    ISO9001-2015 - Quality Management Systems
•    ISO14001-2015 - Environmental Management Systems 
•    ISO45001-2018 - H&S Management Systems


This manual outlines the IMS, the company QSE Policy and makes reference to applicable system procedures. 


System Procedures (SP's)

System Procedures are second tier documents that describe specific processes in the IMS that relate directly to the requirements of the management system standards. In particular the procedures identify how quality, safety & environmental outcomes will be assured by planning the execution of processes and activities before they are commenced.
The SPs also define applicable controls and provide for adequate records.
There is a suite of 24 SPs but these can be added to or deleted if required.